The Interval and the Instant

A multi-screen video installation commissioned by Fabrica.


The sister artwork to the feature ISLAND, the exhibition has at its centre a 50 minute triptych titled The Interval and the Instant, inviting the viewer to be witness to intimate and intensely private moments, including the moment of death. Three individuals experience the year in which their lives will end. Over time the inter-relationship of the screens becomes apparent, uniting instances of touch, periods of waiting, and the gradual transition away from personhood. 


Microscopic image of cancer biopsies in The Planets evoke a stained glass window. Over five hours One Day The End of a Life portrays  the very end of life, and after death care. Chapel of Rest invites us to spend time with how the body is treated and presented after death.

The exhibition tours to Take Care at Ferme du Buisson, March 3-July 19 2019. It previously toured to Blackwood Gallery Toronto Feb 12-March 12 2018, as part of the Take Care series.

The Interval and the Instant was first shown at Fabrica, Brighton's Centre for Contemporary Art, Oct-Nov 2017.


Click here for The Interval and the Instant at Fabrica
Click here for  The Interval and the Instant at Blackwood Gallery