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The Hiss Of The Blow
(16.00 loop, 16mm/HD. 2009. 2 screen installation with field monitor)                    

Visceral invocations of boxing, focusing on Marianne Marston and Angel Mckenzie.

Seminar in Film Sound

(10.00 loop. 16mm. UK/USA 2007)

A film production student presents a seminar on the relationship between dialogue, music score and environmental sound in the fiction film.

Like a House on Fire

(16.00. 16mm/DV. 2006)

The cards dealt during a tarot reading seem to determine or reflect events unfolding on the screen.



(9.00. DV. UK/CAN 2006)

Waking from a disturbed sleep, caricatures of the placative curator and the neurotic artist-filmmaker ponder the current and historical predicament of the moving image.

The Film We Didn’t Make

(25.00. 16mm /DV.  2006

Delivered by car to a remote coastal location, a stranded fictional character is equipped with suitable props but reluctant to perform.


Come As You Are

(11.00. DV. UK/Croatia. 2005)

The filmmaker wandered a Croatian village, transcribing what could be seen and heard into a script. This generated an extensive list of characters. An open casting was held, and local residents auditioned for the part of themselves.

The Film

(28.00. 16mm / DV.  2004)

An open-ended, free-associative drift involving the filmmaker and numerous strangers encountered in a seaside town.


Of Camera

(14.40. S16mm. 2003)

Of Camera explores the abortive attempts of two people to be together in the same space. Their disagreement is fuelled by technical difference: the woman exists on video and the man on celluloid. 

Chris Crossing

(4.00. DV. 2003)

Chris explains to Tom the 180-degree rule in cinematography but crosses the line. Tom grows irritated.  Chris never gets cross.


Different Systems of Chaos

(with Anya Lewin 27.40. DV. 2003)

A film about the artist versus the administrator and the director of a post soviet Lithuanian art school for 12-18 year olds. 

The End

(9:00. DV. 2002)

A French tourist treads Soho asking strangers directions to "The End". Nobody suspects however that she asking directions to the end of the film.


(7.00. Hi8. 1999/2002)

A single take which presents in real time the total eclipse of the sun in the summer of 1999.


Those Who Are Jesus

(56.00. Beta Sp. 2001).

An account of three compelling individuals who have each had profoundly revelatory experiences. Nominated for a Grierson Award.

I Make Things Happen

(6.00. DV. 2001)

A young woman wanders London in the belief that through sheer force of will she can change what goes on around her, including the film itself.

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