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Directed by Steven Eastwood & Geoffrey Alan Rhodes

Dur. 81:00.  2010

Buried Land (Dirs. Steven Eastwood & GA Rhodes. 82:00. 2010)


In 2005 CNN announced the discovery of ancient pyramids, not in Egypt, but the small town of Visoko in central Bosnia...


Emir, a Bosnian émigré removed during the war, returns to his homeland to assist an American filmmaker on a project about Visoko’s pyramids. Caught between patriotism and cynicism, Emir sets out to discover the truth behind the claims, but is forced to confront both his expatriate identity and his beliefs. Based on actual events, Buried Land combines fact and fiction, leading a Bosnian newspaper to accuse the directors of planning a 'Borat' film, using an actor to lure the local people into a misrepresentation. These assertions became a part of the film, but the real story is one of faith and hope – as symbolized by the Visoko pyramids and the spirit of a town that has lived through the trauma of war. 


Official selection Tribeca, Moscow,  Mumbai International Film Festivals 2010. Watch Buried Land on iTunes.


Buried Land (2010) poster.jpg
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