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The Neurocultures Project

STIM CINEMA CONTENT_2023-10-18_10-06-25.png

A collaboration with a group of neurodiverse artists - The Neurocultures Collective - to co-create a feature length film and a multiscreen artwork. The co-creation explores emergent themes around (i) masking and camouflaging of neurodivergent individuals operating in neurotypical environments, (ii) the testing and diagnostic processes associated with autism, (iii) our creatureliness and (iv) the pleasures to be found in stimming, repetition, circularity, and patterns, shapes and movements.

These projects are a part of the Wellcome Trust funded Autism through Cinema, a major collaborative research project I led with Professor Janet Harbord 2018-2023. Visit the main project website here.

Read the feature article Cinemautism, in Brian Keith Bergen-Aurand (ed.), Screen Bodies (Berghahn, 2016)

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