Co-Principal Investigator (with Prof. Janet Harbord) on a major collaborative research project funded by the Wellcome Trust.


Working with an extensive range of collaborators and partners across and beyond the medical humanities, the research engages the history and practice of cinema as an unexplored framework through which autism can be contextualized as an evolving discourse of body language, and explored as a condition with benefits.


The research examines the history of the autistic body in cinema through archival research and then works with moving image as a contemporary practice through which the conventions of a cinematic language of bodies and space may be examined, disrupted and reconfigured, culminating in a longform film and VR short.


The project builds on my experience of working with autism as a subject over twenty-five years and includes collaborations with academics, organisations and charities including Project ArtWorks, Sebastian Gaigg (City), Bonnie Evans and Richard Ashcroft (QMUL) and Damian Milton (Kent), all experts within the fields of autism and advocacy, art, speech and gesture, history, education and activism.


Read the feature article Cinemautism, in Brian Keith Bergen-Aurand (ed.), Screen Bodies (Berghahn, 2016)


Autism Through Cinema

Background image: Wander Lines, Fernand Deligny