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Founded in 1995 and dissolving in 2008, OMSK was a collective of filmmakers, live artists, writers and musicians. The OMSK collective created interdisciplinary laboratory arts events for emerging artists to show their work and for more established artists to try something new in front of a live and dynamic audience. OMSK produced 50 events, at venues including disused banks, boats, archways and cordoned off streets, and as far afield as New York, Oslo and Tokyo. Itinerant, irreverent, challenging, OMSK achieved notoriety and critical acclaim. The press likened OMSK to Warhol’s factory, the Burning Man Festival, and punk rock.

During the collective’s 13-year history a significant collection of artists film & video was amassed, along with extensive event and live performance documentation (approx 250 hours in total). The archive, collated in 2014, features a diverse range of moving image art works include animation, DIY filmmaking, installation, drama, structural film, scratch video, documentary, comedy, agitprop, polemics and no budget feature. The films take critical, conceptual and often surreal and irreverent attitudes to the body, landscape, place and duration. 

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